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I Expected More

I like the game, so I bought the upgrade; but what I don’t understand is why the Green Stamps $ hasn’t increased; and or why they do not accumulate while the game is idled? What’s is the benefit? Can I please have a refund? Also, I tried putting this concern via your Support link; but it was a bust. I will addre$$ that concern here. My purchase was for $4.99, and yet I’m seeing a charge for $9.32. Why? Thank you

New obsession!!

I'm not sure how I came across this game but I have absolutely fallen in love with it!!! It's simple yet addictive and kind of reminds me of the early sim city's.

Fun game

This game is really fun but I think there is a miscommunication or a glitch regarding the bonus that comes from prestige. If I’m making 1.00M/s (+2,000%), shouldn’t I be making 21M coins per second? It still looks like I’m counting up at about 1M per second...

Fun city game

Fun game to help pass some time!!

Where u go

Solid game like all of your work. Would like to see a new addition that goes along with Pocket Trains and Pocket Planes both of which are excellent games. Am interested with what could happen in the future.


Time consuming but doesn’t take away from other thing you have to do. But makes you work for it. I like the game

Tap tap mindlessness

I was hoping for something like SimCity, but this game is structured more like Adventure Capitalist- you just tap tap tap in order to increase your rate of return / no discernible strategy- pointless


Hi, I love this game but I have a few suggestions. 1: you should make it so we don't have to click the cars to get the coins. 2: you should make and option to turn off the offers for people who don't want to pay. 3: make a way to see other people's cities. 4: make it a little like tiny tower and add people and be able to give them jobs. That's all!

Fun game

Very enjoyable for just spending time without really thinking. No strategy at all so very simple. However once completing city 8 it’s mostly over so it’s short on any long term enjoyment. I went to city 8 two times and then deleted.

Fun, engaging game!

I’m a big fan of city builders in general, but many of them leave a lot to be desired. Sim City Build it is a time and/cash sink to get anything done and other city builders are just boring. Bitcity moves at a good pace. Completing each city doesn’t take forever but it’s long enough that you feel accomplished when you complete it. Aside from building new buildings you’re constantly upgrading existing ones, buying city and building upgrades and manually collecting extra income from vehicles. Overall this is a game with a lot to do that keeps you actively playing.

Love this game!

I’ve been playing NimbleBit games since they released the Tiny Tower, Pocket Planes, Pocket Trains games. I absolutely love all of NimbleBit. This game is fantastic, it starts off slow but picks up a little after the 2nd City. I just started city 6 yesterday, got 2 more to go! I also feel like this game would have some good replay value, if it’s that type of game. Don’t know yet haven’t finished it. 🤔🤫

Great game.

I really like that this is truly not a pay to play, like most other games. The only fault I see is that we have no control over the placement of roads and parcels. Miltonai. oK, today when i was accepting the “temporary double speed for a 30 second video the game kept sending us to an endless loop bizarre billboard interview it would take me 10-12 minutes to escape. ** stars right now. i hope they fix this.

a suggestion

game is great just missing one thing... a train station.

Good game

Fun and cool to see how your city expands

New city?

Any time soon?


Love this game! Just as great as Tiny Tower! I find myself trying to play it any chance I can get!

Fun game

Fun game, can be addicting


Is there an option to see previous towns? I spend time curating them and I’d like to look back on them.

Very good

I like this game very much. It has simple graphics which most people can enjoy and the game has a simple premise:build your city. And although you must wait more as you grow your city it will pay off with the fun and friendly game this gives.

Better than great infact wonderful

There’s nothing wrong with the game its the best game ever and I am sure you will like it too

Overly simple; wait or pay to play

Nuff said ... pass


I am so addicted to the simple play. Love it!

This is a great game

It’s so great and I highly encourage you to get it

Ads are ONE MINUTE long now.

Not going to play anymore

What does a busy city need?

I like Bit City.The graphics are great.But your missing one thing.Trains.What kind of a city doesn’t have trains?If it could be more realistic,I’d be playing all day.

Yes no maybe so....

I like it but you need improvements

Any further development??

Is there any more development happening to add more new levels? I am up to +5,722,000% and would love to see some new content.

The people who run this game are amazing!

Seriously! I deleted my game by accident and lost everything. I emailed Nimblebit Support Person to see if anything could be done and she sent me all my prestige keys and extra bux. I have never made an in app purchase. I just love playing and they still supported me. So happy! I’ll be a long time player for sure!

This is a fun game

This is good game it just needs a little bit work and I bet a lot of people like this game but I think you should make a new game that is more fun


I love this app it’s absolutely amazing! A little too addicting though 😂

Great Game need help

I played this game for a long time on and off and spent close to 100 dollars on it it won’t allow me to get my progress back

Wow, what a garbage game!

Do you want to govern a small city and watch it grow? Do you want to carefully lay out infrastructure that forms the backbone of a thriving community? Do you want see your citizens interact meaningfully with their surroundings? Well, then Bit City isn’t what you’re looking for. Do you want to tap mindlessly on on your phone screen? Do you want want to wait endlessly for you to gather enough money to build your next building, only to get so frustrated that you either delete the game or shell out for predatory in app purchases, just as the developer intended? Well, then Nimble Bit’s got another piece of garbage for you! Well done, developers, at sucking the last morsel of joy out of city builders! I don’t think I could make a less enjoyable game if I tried.

That’s Not the same game!

Why would you have a picture of Sim City for you game... is that not a little misleading?

One Problem!

I really like the game so much! But just one problem, i don't like the fact that you can't rotate your building in the game it's really not satisfying to see a building facing the wrong direction. So please give a new feature in the game "rotating the building".

Found A Perfect Game! But One Problem.

Ok so first of all I have trouble finding fun games and I end up deleting them, but this game Bit City is so fun and has kept me on it for hours of gameplay. There was one problem I had and it was the money. It sometimes can be hard to save up more in city’s and it got longer to get money. Please fix how long it takes to save up please.

This is definitely best city game.

I played many city building games. All the others require some kind of sharing with friends for progression. This one doesn’t and the in app purchases are super inexpensive. This is by one the best pve games I played yet. I would definitely highly recommend this game to anyone.

Good game

It is simple but fun. A good use of your time too.


I think the game would be a lot better if you made it easier to get bucks

BORING!!!!!!!!! Nimblebit fumbled this one

My review is base on the following: Ease of use/play. Reward system, how often does the game provide incentives Cost to continue through game Bugs, errors, updates. Update 4: I currently have 6,000,000 prestige keys and it is still BORING. I stopped playing it as it is a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME. More TINY TOWERS FLOORS PLEASE. Update 3: I currently have 2.9+ million prestige keys and still have to wait a while to complete cities 12-16. Still as boring as the first time......Nimblebit I want the hours I spent on this stupid game back. I WANT NEW FLOORS IN TINY TOWER. Bit City is BORING..... Update 2: I have prestiged my city a dozen times, having attempted to go to the moon is way to difficult BUT IT IS THE SAME CITY LAYOUT, SAME # OF LOTS as first 8 is now BORING, TEDIOUS, AND I NO LONGER PLAY THE GAME since I purchased all the special buildings and upgrades......WASTE OF TIME and all those 5 star reviews....they must be lame and desperate (no girls or other interests) to give this sad excuse for a game more than 3 stars. Update: So after city 8 if you don't prestige it will take forever to complete this you are really stuck in a nearly endless loop of going back to city 1 multiple times. My review is based on a thorough game play experience and you should find the same play experience. GO TO BOTTOM FOR AN INTERESTING GLITCH THAT OCCURRED. I downloaded this game 5 days ago and am on the 4th city. It is a simple click idle game with nothing really difficult to accomplish. Your game strategy WILL impact how well you do as you continue through each city as the bank from each prior town continues to pay it forward so you earn money much faster IF you take your time and build up your bank reserves before going to the next city. I found that out on the 3rd city so I just deleted the game and started over and built each city up to as much as I could. With each city you need to accomplish missions and YOU need to check out a website for what each mission will entail or you will be working on them for what will seem forever. The cost to continue this game can be a lot or minimal or next to nothing. That being said you will eventually need to empty your pension pig so you can purchase upgrades that can be used for every city after purchase. It takes a lot of bux for some of the upgrades so try to maximize your ability to make fast cash. You will find multiple websites all promising you the hidden secrets to this game but I am here to tell you.....every site says the same thing and it is really common sense once you see how the game operates. Again, finding out what mission you will need to complete PRIOR to building will go a long way to getting those bux. I was able to complete 6 missions on my 4th city in less than a minute because of such planning. Now for the not-so-nice bugs and errors. I am building so quickly and have so many cars that the game is CRAWLING.....i mean it doesn't respond to touch on iPad, MY BOATS DISAPPEARED so I can't complete a mission as required, it is hard to harvest coins from cars due to the horrible....YES HORRIBLE... response nearly freezes when I open the game. Very frustrating....of course I have upgraded my build times so with 5 building upgrades going all the time, automatically I expect my processor is ready to go on strike. Can you please fix it? Another tip I found on the 4th city, and anticipate will happen with every larger city....because you need to keep certain building types to complete a mission, i.e. 3 tiny towers, you need to keep additional plots upgrading all the time but as you upgrade into the high 70's and up the game slows considerably. I began to bulldoze all my plots and start over so the game would increase in speed. I was able to replace my 3 tiny towers (the mission hadn't come into que yet so I needed to keep the towers) as the newly constructed plots produced new tiny towers, thereby allowing me to bulldoze the older, higher level tiny towers and speed up the game. This is just a so so game.....not very challenging...just time consuming...and I mean it takes time with the iPad open to the app to make money and complete missions. You just can't put it down and come back later with your mission objectives completed. In Empire City you have to build so many buildings that unless you have taken time in prior cities it will take a while to complete. What occurred in my game was a yellow prize capsule appeared in the river that runs through it, following a ship. When I pushed on it to get prize it kept generating bux and coinage. I was quickly to over a trillion coins and this bug kept generating from the left side of the city river and travelled the river to the right then reappeared. I had EVERYTHING purchased within 30 min and was working on my missions. So watch for it in your cities. I also accumulated pension bux like you wouldn't believe. I currently have 250,000 pension bux waiting to be purchased. WOO HOO!!!!! It still doesn't add to the rather mundane idle clicking of this game....heck, even a chicken could play this game....but I hear that chickens have gone off the grid and no longer use cell phones.

A Fun Time Waster

The game is simple, but very enjoyable. The rewards are attainable enough not to be discouraging and the world is aesthetically pleasing.


Fun little app to pass the time.

One thing,

It is one of my favorite games but one suggestion you should make it easier to get the rewards from pension pig 🐖 but hey it is a great game I have had so much fun,THANKS!

I like the game

I love a game like this were you can just sit down and play a nice game on your phone however I do think you should add more buildings for the lone reason that I don’t like having many multiples of buildings on city one so I just think a few more buildings should be added but besides that this is an awesome game and I give it 5 stars

Very Addictive

I love this game. Always have. Its very addictive and a great time-passer. I do kind of miss the old version where you collected the characters and picked the buildings and everything. And thats the only reason why i gave 4 stars instead of 5.... I kind of wish instead of replacing it with a new version, that yall would instead have made a new app so that we could play both versions because the old version was awesome too! But i love all the Nimblebit games and this new version of Bitcity. Great job! Very fun city sim game.

Consistently amazing

At a time when free games always meant paying within the app to get where you really wanted to be, Nimblebit came out with pocket planes, an amazing simulation that had plenty of strategy and a game I consistently start over and go back to. Nimble bit has always made great games that are fun to play, visually stunning, creative, and hard to put down; even after you think you are done with the game. I know that when they make a game I’ll be stuck playing it for a while contemplating my next move if I’m not playing it. Thank you guys for making awesome games! And if you do read this please do one last hoorah update on pocket planes and make it so those awesome unique planes are just a little easier to get!

Good Game

Wow, this is one of the best mobile games I have ever played. Good job Nimblebit!


I love this game

Fun game to waste time with but..

I noticed that when I’m not in the app it doesn’t truly generate the money it says it does “while you’re gone”. I am at $552M/sec and if you do the math that’s roughly $47T/day. Yet when I open the app two days later I only made shy of $500B... Doesn’t make sense...

Better than Sims

This game is so fun and addicting! Bit City teaches you a lot about how to spend your money and what to spend it on. I recommend this to all kids, even kids under the age of 12. So much better than sims! I, personally think you should see people walking in your city to make things more exciting. But the game is fantastic without it!

Great game

I’ve always played Tiny Tower, Pocket Planes and Pocket Trains, since I was I teenager. Now it’s been years and NimbleBit does it again. I see no issues with this game worthy of removing a star but instead I have recommendations. Some sort of social feature, possibly Facebook driven, would be great!

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