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Amazing game, a little addictive. I can’t stop playing!

Good game

Hi I’m Alexa I love the game so much

its great

hey could you guys make pocket ships?

Lit, but just a heads up

I love it because it’s simple enough where I can play it without actually thinking, because I really don’t like to think. But I want y’all to know that when the bank says it saves 10%, it actually only saves 1%, and when you purchase the 1% increase upgrade from the game upgrades section, it only increases the banks savings by 0.1%, and it’s such a small thing that I can see where someone might have missed it. Still pretty awesome tho. Took some thinking to figure out that little bug tho... might be worth sending some of that green money my way just for the hell of it... if you catch my drift 😂

I have a suggestion

I really like and enjoy playing this game I am currently on City 6 and I love the idea with boats planes and stuff, but like all games it isn’t perfect and to make it even more better I would like an addition to the boats cars and planes....Trains, now it sounds weird, but think about it trains zooming around the city and have gold appear above it like the rest I would like to see what type of trains you can come up with...

Awesome!!!! But.....

This game is awesome but it’s not for people who aren’t patient! I completely loved this and had no problems with it but when my inpatient friend tried it there were very different results!

Cool game.

I love this game. I am addicted to it!

Great game!

Great game can't stop playing.

A sincerely good game

I only recently got the game and I’ve found that I really can’t stop playing it, it has yet to have shown a flaw, and is all around a great app game

Simple and addictive

Really fun to play in your downtime.

It’s lit

Enough said

Need new buildings! It’s boring!


Great idle game!

I’ve been playing the last 2 days and it’s been fantastic so far. Like previous Nimblebit titles (Tiny Tower, etc.), they hand out Bux, the premium currency, very liberally, which is very nice. Furthermore, you can stay on double time by watching a short ad, which makes this game more enjoyable. There’s also lots of things to do while in the game, which makes it fun to stay there while waiting to get upgrades and buy new lots. Tip: starting from the third town, try to get the big lots first, then get the small ones. Big lots increase in price quickly, so get them first.

Super Chill

Great game. Can’t figure how all those taps can be so addictive and fun!

Awesome game

This game is amazing. I recommend it to everyone.

Love the app

The ads are an option to help you speed up the game but you are not bombarded with them which is so relieving. And the app doesn't crash like with other games. Honestly would watch ads for y'all since you know the consumer. :)

It’s awesome

I love this game so much! I usually don’t enjoy games like this, but Bitcity is fantastic and fun.

Most creative tapping game ever

It’s a game where you can watch your town come to life by tapping a couple times with a mix of creativity and tycoon categories I really enjoy it👍

Bit game fan

I have a lot of fun playing all of the bit games. This one it easy and great to play before bed or just went you want to relax and not think too much.


This is literally taking over my life and I don’t know how to stop it

Loving the game!

Thank's Nimble bit,loving the game also,I like how the game is simple. Caution:YOU WILL PROBABLY FIND THIS GAME REALLY ADDICTIVE Keep making more simple games 😄


The game is fun and moves at a great pace. There is always something to do and buy in the game. Very glad I tried this game. Also, I really like that this game doesn't make you wait hours or days to upgrade.

Amazingly Fun

Fun game to play & keep you busy ?!?!?!!


Super fun game

you should be able to get more land for free!

more land!


Pretty amusing tbh

Great game!

This game is so fun!

Very Enjoyable

Simple gameplay that I can get caught playing for a long time Is a type of game good for time wasting with a lot of fun easy to use parts to keep things interesting.

This game is so amazing. But it needs more selections!

Although it is amazing enough, it needs more selections of cities, cars, planes, ships or cruises,...

i love this game

if you love tiny tower and other games like it then you’ll love this one.


Such a great game if you just wanna relax but you should be able to go back to other cities

Bit boring

I know this is boring because there's no movement and I have no idea what to do! It's a bit (get it?) boring

I Expected More

I like the game, so I bought the upgrade; but what I don’t understand is why the Green Stamps $ hasn’t increased; and or why they do not accumulate while the game is idled? What’s is the benefit? Can I please have a refund? Also, I tried putting this concern via your Support link; but it was a bust. I will addre$$ that concern here. My purchase was for $4.99, and yet I’m seeing a charge for $9.32. Why? Thank you

New obsession!!

I'm not sure how I came across this game but I have absolutely fallen in love with it!!! It's simple yet addictive and kind of reminds me of the early sim city's.

Fun game

This game is really fun but I think there is a miscommunication or a glitch regarding the bonus that comes from prestige. If I’m making 1.00M/s (+2,000%), shouldn’t I be making 21M coins per second? It still looks like I’m counting up at about 1M per second...

Fun city game

Fun game to help pass some time!!

Where u go

Solid game like all of your work. Would like to see a new addition that goes along with Pocket Trains and Pocket Planes both of which are excellent games. Am interested with what could happen in the future.


Time consuming but doesn’t take away from other thing you have to do. But makes you work for it. I like the game

Tap tap mindlessness

I was hoping for something like SimCity, but this game is structured more like Adventure Capitalist- you just tap tap tap in order to increase your rate of return / no discernible strategy- pointless


Hi, I love this game but I have a few suggestions. 1: you should make it so we don't have to click the cars to get the coins. 2: you should make and option to turn off the offers for people who don't want to pay. 3: make a way to see other people's cities. 4: make it a little like tiny tower and add people and be able to give them jobs. That's all!

Fun game

Very enjoyable for just spending time without really thinking. No strategy at all so very simple. However once completing city 8 it’s mostly over so it’s short on any long term enjoyment. I went to city 8 two times and then deleted.

Fun, engaging game!

I’m a big fan of city builders in general, but many of them leave a lot to be desired. Sim City Build it is a time and/cash sink to get anything done and other city builders are just boring. Bitcity moves at a good pace. Completing each city doesn’t take forever but it’s long enough that you feel accomplished when you complete it. Aside from building new buildings you’re constantly upgrading existing ones, buying city and building upgrades and manually collecting extra income from vehicles. Overall this is a game with a lot to do that keeps you actively playing.

Love this game!

I’ve been playing NimbleBit games since they released the Tiny Tower, Pocket Planes, Pocket Trains games. I absolutely love all of NimbleBit. This game is fantastic, it starts off slow but picks up a little after the 2nd City. I just started city 6 yesterday, got 2 more to go! I also feel like this game would have some good replay value, if it’s that type of game. Don’t know yet haven’t finished it. 🤔🤫

Great game.

I really like that this is truly not a pay to play, like most other games. The only fault I see is that we have no control over the placement of roads and parcels. Miltonai. oK, today when i was accepting the “temporary double speed for a 30 second video the game kept sending us to an endless loop bizarre billboard interview it would take me 10-12 minutes to escape. ** stars right now. i hope they fix this.

a suggestion

game is great just missing one thing... a train station.

Good game

Fun and cool to see how your city expands

New city?

Any time soon?


Love this game! Just as great as Tiny Tower! I find myself trying to play it any chance I can get!

Fun game

Fun game, can be addicting


Is there an option to see previous towns? I spend time curating them and I’d like to look back on them.

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