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Game Cheats

Whenever I prestige I start each level with a less starting value than the time before.

Bit city's awesomeness

Bit City is so fun and awesome!!!!!!

Good, but....

Badly needs an update.

👏👏Game Review👏👏

Really good game, but it prays a lot on people with OCD because of the random building feature.

Great game

This game is fun and has very goo designs 😁😁😁

Love it

Love this game

No support

Do not play nimblebit games! They don’t support them!

Fun and enjoyable, but...

It’s definitely a fun game, but it’s just kinda strange. So once I reach the population needed, I completely start over in a new space? I wish it would just build off of your old cities so it’s all one big city. It’s kinda weird spending so much time on a city and then just kinda throwing it away for a bigger space. It should just grow off of your old cities once you reach the needed amount of civilians. That’s my thoughts. Overall, it’s fun.

Click'n wait

Click, wait, click, wait, click, wait. What fantastic gameplay, you won't believe how great it is, until you try it for yourself.

Fun game but the button mashing gets old quick

Love the graphics and the Sim City-esque feel but I wish I didn’t have to smash the upgrade button all the time. I would totally pay for a version that wasn’t driven solely by micro transaction and the upgrades mean something so you can enjoy the beautifully designed pixel structures. I do have to say the multiple view angles from the camera feature is wonderful.

not a game

theres no gameplay element. you just push buttons and the game decides what building to make. you might as well watch a video if a city. no strategy no play just click

Wow I’m surprised

Like I got this game a few years ago and had some.... I deleted it but NOW now it great it amazing 5 stars perfect make more games like this plz if u do I’m sure to give u more reviews and 5 stars or of what depends on what its based on :)

Decent game

Idle games mostly waste your time but this one is slightly better than the rest

A ok game

Buy this game

Screen shot crash

The game crashes whenever I use the in app screenshot function and then click save photo. I have the iPhone X.

Not real time after leaving app

So I love the game, however when I leave the app for a long period of time (for hours) I’m supposed to get a billion coins every 4 seconds roughly, which it does when I’m on the game, but after I come back I only have 300 billion more coins? After not being in the game for 12 hours at least? That doesn’t sound right.

Super fun!

I love this game and kind of can't stop playing it. I don't usually spend money on games but the Pension Pig is awesome - if you have a little patience you can get a lot of bux for a very reasonable price. I would like to be able to see previous cities that I've built though. Here are a few suggestions for new things: Animal shelter Flower garden Tattoo shop Arcade Small music venue Bar (or "soda shop") Craft store Flea market Bookstore Spa Treehouse Dog park

Great Game!

This game is exactly what I’ve been looking for in a city design/maintain game like this! I have played so many over the years and the one huge thing about games like these is you always have the option to pay (real money) for some other type of currency in the game that is synonymous with the other main currency. Yes you can do that in this game but the large difference in that you can still enjoy the WHOLE game and do really good if you don’t purchase the in game currency!! Even better you still earn the currency you can purchase and at a fairly good rate too!! This game has given me everything I look for in these game types. I normally last a month on these games till I get bored or just finished it so we’ll see how this one goes! Though I’m very confident I will love for the entirety I’ll be playing it! Definitely recommend this game to anyone and especially anyone who loves these game types!!!

Pretty neat game. Kept me playing.

I really like it. It’s a pretty simple game, and yet, each day I play it, I learn something new. It’s addicting. Fun. Set at a good pace. All in all, It’s really great and I’m gonna keep playing. You should too.

Very Fun

Keeps me busy when I'm bored at school. Fun game if you like upgrading and leveling up

Fun but heres an idea...

Love this game. Its addicting but it would be awesome if there was a button to auto collect all the coin bonuses every so often. That and have an option to restore all your in game cash purchases. Not real money but the in game cash. I had to restart the game due to changing phones and had to save up to regain all of my perks. Which meant purchasing a few more piggy banks.


Fun game but it takes a while to build up some tools to make a great city. I do like the game and will continue to play it

Fun game

I love this game. I was obsessed with it for quite a while but I've gone about as far as I can. I hope we get some new upgrades and new levels soon. :) Please! My Pension Pig is ready to bust. Lol




Loved the game but have waited months for an update with additional content. I finished it long ago...

Its fun but repetitive

On the first 2 cities it is fun, but after a while you don't play it until you get the notification that your bank is full.

Good game

A really good time killer

Fun and easy.

Easy way to kill time. Starts to get long but it’s still fun.

Time burner

Great game like the old school graphics , burn lots of time . My kids love to play and it’s that simple that a five and three year old can play !!!!

Better than sim city

This game, I think, is better then sim city by how you advance city to city

Lots of doing nothing

If you like a game that you can play for two minutes, but then have to close out and wait four days while saving enough virtual money to play for another two minutes, this is for you. Of course, you allocate money faster when the game is open with literally nothing to do but watch the number tick, so if you like being forced to watch ads every 10 minutes, giddy up, this is for you. It’s not exciting enough to waste real money on so if you like being entertained move on to something else.

I love it

Great game

Great Game for 2 minutes of down time

Simple Fun Addicting!

Probably the best city sim!!

I’m not sure what to say, it’s fun, haven’t really stopped playing since I found it.

Pretty good

Great game BUT!!! It seems like every time I leave the game and come back and watch the ad to double my money... right after the ad ends it’s just a black screen and I get no double money! How is that supposed to help if all it’s doing 90% of the time is cheating me out of my money???


I like the game, don’t get me wrong. The only changes I would make is allowing the user to pick which buildings to place and not make the selection completely random. Also, I wish I could go back and view my passed cities without restarting the game??? Idk. I also don’t get why I can’t get the population to increase and have my business and service in normal demand. It seems at the end of the city, I have to ignore the high demands in order to complete the population requirement.

Awesome Game

This game is great and extremely addictive; I was up at 10:00 PM playing it. Bit City looks amazing and has simple mechanics, so I learned how the game works very fast. A suggestion: Add a night time to the game, and make all of the lights on the cities light up! That would make the game even better than it already is!


Bob and his family have been doing the best of all of them for the last few days and I know he is doing good with his work but he has to work with him for his

Nice job!

This isn’t a game review as it is a game developer review. The game is great, as you can tell by the five stars. But all of NimbleBit’s games are astonishing to me, because they are far better than the other “indie” games out there (indie is in quotations because I don’t know if you can really be considered indie devs, but you are a very small group with only three people). You guys clearly care more about customer satisfaction and about the game more than you care about money, and that is what sets you apart from all those millionaire AAA companies. Congratulations guys! P.S. My name is Tony, and I hope you read this. It would be really great to talk to you guys. Okay bye!


I love this a lot is said here

Amazing Game! A few suggestions.

I really enjoy this game. It’s not a time consuming game, and even spending a few mere minutes every few hours is fun! The concept is simple, as are the controls. It’s fun to watch the little city operate. You really feel in control of what’s going on in your own Bit City. I have only a few suggestions: 1) The ability to rotate buildings. I generally try to take a picture of each of my cities when I’ve completed them. But, there’s always that one building that is turned the wrong way. This feature would really make the game better! 2) The ability to choose what building goes on each plot. Sometimes I want a specific building on one plot, but it gets tedious waiting for the buildings to cycle through. So, it’d be nice to spend a few extra in-game coins to choose exactly WHAT building! And to make sure plots are upgraded, there could be tiers, and depending on the plot level, you can only choose from so many buildings until it’s upgraded. (Ex: The Police Station could be tier 4, so I’d need my plot to be Lvl 15 or so. If my plot is lower, the tier is lower, and I could only choose from specific buildings) 3) This one is a bit tricky, and, too be quite honest, probably not possible. But, the ability to create your own buildings? That’s all I have! Keep up the great work! Such a fun game!

Great game!

Love the game quick play and easy to understand. No pay to win stuff like other games and it’s original!

Fantastic game

I love 98% of all the games nimblebit have come out with. They’re simple and easy to learn games that will keep you entertained for hours

Excellent game

My buddy made this game and I am very proud to say that he made it and that I am his buddy. There is no reason to not give this a five star rating. There is so much cool things in it please rate five stars.


This “game” is utterly boring. There is absolutely no strategic depth to it. You cannot choose your city layout. You cannot choose which buildings to upgrade. Your only strategic choice is which of 3 zones to invest in but in order to complete the first couple city challenges you must use 100% residential. If you like clicking a button over and over, this game is for you.

Nimble bit

I enjoy it, I accidentally found it at the App Store. The game would be more likable if there were not city changes. Just have one city that the gamer builds up and makes adjustments as needed. Rebuilding a new town every time a level is met gets irritating. Fun game over all.


It is a great game but ads on anything won’t even load

Bit city

Great and fun game

New stuff

I am anxiously, very anxiously awaiting the next Bit City experience. I have played this over and over and would like something new. When?

Hardly rate anything

This game is simple & relaxing. It kills a lot of time & it’s awesome seeing your city grow!

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