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Basic tap city builder

Basic but fun. Higher levels can drag a little. Depth of city planning and adjustments limited.

Does Someone Even Read These Reviews

I have been playing this game for a long time now and I have spent time reading the reviews. I agree with the majority of the negative comments and I rarely see updates that have included the suggestions. My biggest gripe at this time is when I come back to the game after it not being opened, I have the option to collect that also provides an option for 2x if you watch the video. For two weeks now the video NEVER loads. Why have the option if it is not available? This actually is misleading an I really want to stop the game. I'm on level 8 of the 2nd set of levels (moon) and I am so frustrated at the cost of all the property that I am ready to stop playing. It takes forever to accumulate enough game money to buy property. Get this fixed please. Thank you.


New levels haven't been added in over a year.

Good time killer

It's a great time killer. One thing I love is it's easy to get the "premium" currency and there's no Paywall like most fermium games. I wouldn't mind throwing a few bucks towards the developer but $4.99 is a bit much JUST for unlimited double speed.

Past Time

I enjoy the game as a past time, but I probably won’t stick with it long because I have to keep resetting when I move to another city. That’s irritating. Maybe let us have a goal to build a town, cities, counties, state, country etc. that way we can see all the progress we make throughout the length of the game. Honestly, if that doesn’t change I’ll probably quit in a week. It’s for this reason I never want to buy anything because of the reset. I also dislike that if I want the town to look a certain way with skyscrapers, I have to lock it as historical and not receive more money. Finally the option to buy the same boats, planes and cars without having to keep buying more expensive is annoying, along with the land increase.

Great game (at first)

Similar to simcity. But you need to earn coins to buy and expand your city. Hopefully they will continue to make improvements. UPDATE: the new moon cities (9+) are not as much fun. They are small and take the fun out it. After building big cities, going back to something smaller and slower is not fun! UPDATE 2: still no support for the new iPhone X? Come on!

Any updates beyond city 16?

This is a well made clicker. But it needs updates. Currently the game ends at city #16, and I have made it through the end twice. Definitely a keeper - if there is something, or anything, beyond 16th level.

Niggerslayer XD

Yo game is wack


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Love this game and beyond

I love every nimblebit game i play. So cute and fun

Bit City

Reminds me of the original Sim City that came as a default game on computers when they first came out. So happy to funnily have this game setup available to play again!! I am addicted to it... lol

I want to go back to my past city

It is so frustrating that you can’t go back to past cities,my friends love the game and I want to show and make improvements on past cities


SOOOO ADDICTING. This game gives you all the right tools, but also varying challenges to grow and build your own cities. After the first 3 minutes of playing this game you will be drawn back automatically.


Great game

Great but Addictive

It is a great game, I love playing it. It is so great it finds a way to get you addicted to it. You can't stop playing. Only download the game if you are fully ready for it, mentally and have enough time.

Good game

Make characters involved in this too! Great game

Love it!

Love the game

Fun game

Simple game that’s really just tapping. Good to keep you busy if you have a reactive job.


This game was over all great, I love how there is always something to do. So much better than egg inc.

Love this game

A very enjoyable game!


This is a great game! The concept is neat, and the gameplay is unique! I recommend this game for idle players!

Really fun

Play this game. You don’t have to buy anything and it’s fun as hell. Can’t stop playing.

Great but needs some improvements

This is a great game, and I really enjoy the pixelated look. However there are certain things which I don't like which should be improved. A few simple ones are that there should be a way to rotate buildings, because the random rotation is annoying because you get buildings facing the wrong way. There should also some way to be able to choose which building you want. Currently I am forced to use quick build, which wastes a ton of money and sometimes doesn't get you the building you want. Maybe you have to pay bux for the change, but at least have the option. Also being able to see your old cities would be pretty cool. The main thing which annoys me is that you are forced onto the maps. It would be nice if you had a free-build option, where you can make your own roads, plots, and maybe even terrain. When I got this I expected it to be more free-build, and it was disappointing that you were forced to work with the limited space.

Ready for More

I have played and enjoyed all of the Nimblebit games over the past few years. They are fun andjust challenging enough. I am ready for new worlds to build. Will they be coming soon?

Fun game, got set on the development shelf

I've picked up the game again and enjoy the simple and fun chaos of the game. But nothing new has been released from the developers. Are you done with this game? Set it on the shelf now that you've made some profit from micro transactions? Or are you going to keep developing the game, and draw players, old and new, in for more?

Love it! Addictive

Extremely addictive. I love it! Can’t wait for even more cities! Let’s move to mars! Or Pluto or in a different universe

Nostalgic, but shallow.

As far as I can tell there is no failure possible in the game. Money rolls in. You use that money to buy stuff. All the stuff gives you population. Basically, if the button turns green, you can afford it, push it. That’s the whole game. In sim city you needed to consider where you placed zones, citizens got mad when you raised taxes, etc... this game has none of that. It’s very pretty though. Home they make it a deeper experience with further expansions.


I want to be able to name my buildings whatever. That’ll make it five stars! Other than that, awesome game!

It’s good, but needs more

This game is good, and I think just about anyone can enjoy it. But it needs more content. Something more to do, more to build, and stuff! This game should have BitBook like on some of your other games! This game, although it has Bitizens, there isn’t enough of them! I love those people, and this needs more of them!! But i will say that i like how this games building is very short, it makes the game more enjoyable. Also, no ads. That gains you an extra star :) and you earn money fast, and you get bux fast too!! (Which are like diamonds, gold, gems, etc.) So this game doesn’t have you waiting! The only thing it is missing is more! That would get me playing more often, because there isn’t very much motivation to actually check the game often. So in that situation there definitely needs to be more. Thanks for reading, and have a good day! :)

Another great game by Nimblebit

I find this to be the ideal tapping game to do alongside other tasks. Very fun and cute graphics and as always well designed. I recommend most anything by this developer and always find their pricing to be fair. Can't wait to cash in my piggie bank! :)

Good game

Good game Egoiste this is not GEo Fs flight simulator that game almost wanted to make me throw the computer I was playing on out the window on to the planet Saturn this game is a whole Nother level this game is very very very very very very very very free rooms already Siri Siri very very very very good

Very good!!

I like it pretty good! Very different from the typical city building game.


It's a pretty great game I got it because it looked so cute and it is if you play too long it gets boring and you get impatient but I like to viste every two days and upgrade soem stuff I really recommend it for humans

Nimble bit city

I love it because it’s super cute and a lot of fun it has a little bit of a cookie clicker feel and gets boring after a long time but I like it.

A few Fixs.

First I want to say I’ve been playing your guys games since I got my first iPod. Great game, but I’m going to give three stars because the lack of good graphics. When you zoom in you get a almost fuzzy look to the app. If you guys could fix graphics it could be a much more amazing experience. I would love to see this app with better graphics. Also the camera button looks horrible! Please fix. Until then I’ll give three stars.

Building issue

Love this game! Only problem I have is that there is no way to rotate the buildings. This isn’t a probably to people who want to level up but I like to have a nice city with houses facing the street. Just a rotation option would be a nice feature and I’m not alone on this.

The little boss

Great game I really like it......its the best game ever I am addicted to it

Really fun and addicting!!

Once I downloaded this I was hooked!!! I would like more cities to play. Please add more.

Hell yea

Addicting! In a good way lol

It’s OK, except blue screen

Was playing yesterday, when screen suddenly, and for no reason, turned Blue. This is the Second time this has happened. There’s no real cure for it either! Exiting and restarting does NOT help! Seems like I gotta wait a couple of DAYS, before it resets and plays as it should. No telling though, when it’s gonna repeat this situation. A little boring, but you stay hooked on playing!

Fun as hell

Like real life property ownership, but without the consequences


It's fine but you don't really get to do anything but collect money and build. I would really add more things and areas that would put interest into others if I made this game.🙁

Great game, but..

There’s a small bug that’s just a little annoying. Sometimes after watching the ad it doesn’t go to 2x speed. So I have to watch another one and then it works. Otherwise 5 stars, addicting and fun strategy game 😊

Game is awesome! Just a suggestion

I want to start by saying that this game is AMAZING. It is super addictive and fun to see your bit city grow! I just have a suggestion that I think would make the game cooler. If there could be a button that took the roves off houses so that you could see inside that would be INSANE. Again, just a suggestion.

As usual

Nimblebit continues to make the absolute best free 2 play games available on the market.

So fun but has 1 flaw

I love this game. But theres one thing that stinks, you cant choose what building to place down. Some of you are probably saying yes you can but NO you cant you can choose what category the building is not what type. The problem with this is im trying to make the perfect city, but to do that i need a cornfield and iv probably spent like a trillion coins and 1000 bucks (in game bucks) trying to get the cornfield but i cant, there fore i can not make the perfect city (in my opinion). Please fix this issue its really ticking me off that i cant choose the building that i want.

Another rote NimbleBit game, forgets expensive game rewards

Visually this game is pretty good. But just like every other NimbleBit game, there's no strategy. You just press the build button all the time, collect coins, and place new lots. So the novelty fades pretty fast after a few days. The game seems designed to try and part you and your money, rather than being fun. Also, it seems to forget expensive upgrades. I purchased a second level of Real Estate license for 1734 bux, and the game seems to have forgotten that I purchased it. Version 1.2.2 still has this bug. Even city upgrades that you purchase with regular coins are sometimes forgotten. So I wouldn't recommend spending any money on in-app purchases because there's a high likelihood that it'll get wasted. For the developer only, you can contact me directly at: simx [at] mac [dawt] com

It's Ok

I know they spent a long time making this app, but it's not really fun. When you leave the app, you barely progress, forcing you to stay in the app unlike other games they made. Also, you just kind of tap to do stuff. There is little strategic planing, just tap and your more rich. It might me a good game for some people, but I'll stick with Pocket Planes.

Fun game

I don’t do many reviews. And most games just maul you with ads and purchases. I am on the 5th city and haven’t paid anything. I also have seen no ads at all, unless I watch one myself for a bonus. And for these reason, I will be making a few real money purchases in this game to support them. Keep up the good work.

Pretty fun

Pretty fun game, got very impatient with wait times on things so I did buy the 5 dollar permanent upgrade for “X2 Speed”. Was actually hoping for more of those permanent payable upgrades in the game. For example build speed would be a great one. Got some of my buildings to level 160 and the wait on them even with the “X2 Speed” upgrade I bought are terrible. Or maybe even an option to buy an upgrade that allows you to build more at once would be amazing. Would buy it for sure.

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