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Good clicker game

I keep returning to this game. Good for five minute breaks, and does not need an internet connection. Good art as well.


Okay so actually, I've played like all of these peoples games... And personally this is by far the best one. Like disco zoo and tiny tower don't even come close. This is a 5 star game download it if you don't have it!


It good game hjndbdbdbdnd

Some cool things

I think some cool things for the game would be visiting friends to see their progress.visiting old cities to just have a look not to upgrade.and finally to give friends loans.These are some thing I think would better the game

Great game that has so much potential!!

So i love this game it’s great and it make you think but yet it’s so simple!! i just wish it had more city’s and more things to do like i wish you could interact with the hospital and police department but it’s only just part of the game like if there was cool sayings like a buildings on fire and then if you have fire trucks they could fight the fire but if not then you lose money. I also would really like it if you it wasn’t so hard to get money but anyway if you could at least update the game with some interactive things that would make the game so much more better!!

Fun as hell

I’m really enjoying this game. It helps me pass the time in class It’d be cool if you guys made like a 747 as a plane option.

Best game in a long time

No ads Get money consistently Pretty creative An addictive game

Like as good as tiny tower

This game is the best I love every thing about it I am on the plane city and I can not wait for the boat city


You need to add random missions like in tiny tower. Plus bux are really hard to get an it would make the game have more variety.


I like how simple it is, however, I don't like some things. It just seems very slow unless you buy things, and it's not the easiest to use.

Great app👍

I am enjoying this game a lot it would be nice if you could visit your old cities though! Overall great game😄


4 and a half. Great game. Wish ya could go back to old citys ok please make that a feauture


I’m addicted, get the app Pocket Planes too, your welcome for the promo btw. But I do like the city game and the building aspect.

I really hope they add more to it.

I have been glued to this game for a the last two semesters. I have gotten to the point to where I have beat it multiple times. I’m really just hoping they will add more vehicles more cities, buildings and perks. This is just too good of a game to not expand on. BTW if they do add more buildings I request the Sears Tower out of Chicago.

Shady business

What's the point of prestige if all it does is increase the cost of everything as well? I know you want to try and keep people as interested as long as you can keep them interested, but there's no mention about increased cost associated with the increased revenue. Shady AF! I'm uninstalling and won't download any of your company's other titles ever. I urge others to do the same!

Fun and simple.

I’ve been playing this game for quite a while now and still love playing it. Great game!

I don't like the cactus start

Also it doesn't show you what to do I'm probably wrong sorry


I like it it’s just weird


We should be able to change what direction the buildings are facing


This game is awesome though I wish we could keep the gold and upgrades we use that would be nice but keep up the good work!


This game is simply amazing. I’ve had this game for a month or so and I’m still not bored. Nimblebit I thank you for such amazing game!

Another world?

I love this game. It’s so simple and yet very entertaining. I wish there was an addition eight levels to play through...

Great! My thoughts:

This game is amazing, addictive, and fun to come back to! I recommend this game to nerds like me who enjoy a somewhat tapping & empire based plot. For people who haven’t downloaded this game yet; it’s best to come back to it around 3-5 times a day, keep up on your City Hall, get as many CARS AS POSSIBLE, and be careful on your zoning. My only suggestion to the developers are: If you make a building “historical”, please have it skip to the next building, it doesn’t need to rebuild it’s self. Overall, I see a bright future for this game, that’s why I rated this 5/5 stars. Thank you for reading.

One simple request

Please make it so that we can turn the buildings around. Or when they get built, the entrance can automatically be made on a roadway and not the back of some other building.

Fun but hard at times

One of my favourite games but it could take a long time to get to the next city. Great game Nimblebit!


i love this game so much! but.. i can't imagine how much more i would love it if there were PEOPLE! like, little tiny people that cross the roads, and there would be stoplights, and the cars would actually USE the buildings, like park at restaurants for a while, go through drive thrus, like if you can make cars then how hard would it be to make little people?? and they would live at their houses and sometimes you'd see them in their yards, idk. but PLEASE REPLY!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Fun app

Fun app to pass time when I'm bored.

Please fix

Please fix the bank when ever I hit double and watch the video it doesn’t give or it won’t let me watch anything

Technical difficulties?

One nice thing about this game was it gave you the option of watching videos to earn coins. Now more often than not — technical difficulties. And the earnings aren’t happening like they should be either. Maybe I’ll think about playing again, but maybe I’ll delete it like I did with their other games when they got too greedy. I’ve even paid to empty the pig a couple of times. I’ve played far better games that I paid 4.99 for. Emptying the pig cost me almost 6.00. And the game play has got even worse.


It requires a lot of patience to complete the cities, but once you are getting near the population it seems you go faster útil you reach all empty lots.

This is so worth the download 1000%

My favorite app I have on my phone it’s low key and so fun I prefer it to any of the other similar games


Love it keeps me focused

I will tell you how you become famous because I am your fan!

When I was little I don,t know how to play it but when I was big I know how to play Read my idea:so how about you make bit city 2 and you can just build your own city and bank to give you money 💵 Make your own amsome video See ya later Make

My latest obsession

This is my escape when life’s curve balls overwhelm. I can park my brain and become Robert Moses for a few hours. Sometimes I wish there was a tutorial though. What will happen after the last lunar city is complete? Mars? I wish you could animate some properties – imagine a theme park with racing roller coasters. Or add to the transportation options with subways and light rail. Great game!

Technical Difficulty with Videos

I’ve been playing this game for a couple months and have been enjoying it! The last couple days (maybe since the update?) sometimes when I login and click to watch a video for double coins I get a message say “Technical Difficulties: There was a problem playing your video, please check back later!” The most annoying thing about it is it seems to only happen first thing in the morning (after not playing overnight) or if I haven’t played for several hours - both times when there the most coins on the line. In a game where making coins is the main goal, this is kind of a big deal. :-/


Please update with new content. I enjoy this game but it is getting old now.




Amazing game, a little addictive. I can’t stop playing!

Good game

Hi I’m Alexa I love the game so much

its great

hey could you guys make pocket ships?

I have a suggestion

I really like and enjoy playing this game I am currently on City 6 and I love the idea with boats planes and stuff, but like all games it isn’t perfect and to make it even more better I would like an addition to the boats cars and planes....Trains, now it sounds weird, but think about it trains zooming around the city and have gold appear above it like the rest I would like to see what type of trains you can come up with...

Awesome!!!! But.....

This game is awesome but it’s not for people who aren’t patient! I completely loved this and had no problems with it but when my inpatient friend tried it there were very different results!

Cool game.

I love this game. I am addicted to it!

Great game!

Great game can't stop playing.

A sincerely good game

I only recently got the game and I’ve found that I really can’t stop playing it, it has yet to have shown a flaw, and is all around a great app game

Simple and addictive

Really fun to play in your downtime.

It’s lit

Enough said

Need new buildings! It’s boring!


Great idle game!

I’ve been playing the last 2 days and it’s been fantastic so far. Like previous Nimblebit titles (Tiny Tower, etc.), they hand out Bux, the premium currency, very liberally, which is very nice. Furthermore, you can stay on double time by watching a short ad, which makes this game more enjoyable. There’s also lots of things to do while in the game, which makes it fun to stay there while waiting to get upgrades and buy new lots. Tip: starting from the third town, try to get the big lots first, then get the small ones. Big lots increase in price quickly, so get them first.

Super Chill

Great game. Can’t figure how all those taps can be so addictive and fun!

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